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London, Full time


Responsible for the daily care and management of the animals, including feeding, cleaning, and monitoring their behavior and health.

California, Full time


Take care of. animal managers provide medical care to zoo animals, including routine checkups, surgeries, and emergency treatment.

Germany, Full time


Develop and implement educational programs for visitors, school groups, and other audiences to teach them about the animals and efforts.

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One of the best animal farms we have ever gone to. The staff was super friendly when we asked questions. Animals look healthy and happy. So many types of animals can be found and visitors can easily interact majority of them (with staff helps).

hazwan mh

Lovely Visitor

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A lovely place to spend a day with family and friends! I was expecting a small, compact garden, but was pleasantly surprised with the actual size of the location and the variety of animals on display.

Henry Sagill

Lovely Visitor

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Totally LOVED this animal garden. It is an awesome petting zoo! Staff here are friendly and helpful. Animals looked healthy and most eager for free food 🤣 so please do feed them! They love the interaction.

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This place is a hidden gem! The beautiful surroundings make for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, even on weekends when it's not too busy. The variety of birds and animals is impressive for a small attraction. The highlight of the visit was definitely the up-close encounters with wallabies, peacocks, alpacas, rabbits, and even snakes!

Teddy Menderlen

Lovely Visitor

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